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Wound . Injury Care for Children San Diego . La Mesa . Grossmont

Friendly and familiar faces will help to ease your child’s pain and anxiety on their worse days.

Injury Care


San Diego Pediatrics is often the first stop for families with injured children. We can coordinate injury care for many minor wounds including sprains, strains and fractures. Our providers order all necessary x-rays for a thorough and proper diagnosis to get your child the comprehensive injury care plan they need to get on the mend quickly and painlessly. With an independent imaging facility in the building just behind our office, many families can receive complete injury care services without ever leaving our parking lot.

If you are a parent with an injured child, a prompt, yet calm response is important to ensure your child gets the pain relief and care they need. It is important to first assess whether or not your child’s injuries are significant enough to warrant a trip to the emergency room, or if a visit with us will do. Our physicians have access to a variety of diagnostic tools and treatment methods to help your child recover quickly and completely from minor injuries; however, major injury care needs should take place at a nearby hospital or emergency room.

San Diego Pediatrics providers can help treat your child’s minor wounds and injuries while likely saving the family a dreaded trip to the Emergency Room. Our office is equipped to address simple wounds such as minor burns, cuts and bruises. We do not place stitches, but we do keep Dermabond (similar to a liquid band-aid) stocked in the office to help mend minor cuts. We also brace, splint and place temporary casts in our office to help ease you child’s discomfort and prevent further injury while awaiting other services, if necessary. Our office staff also helps coordinate appointments for Rady Children’s Orthopedic Department for more serious or persistent injuries. If the wound requires further treatment, our office staff will refer families directly to the nearest, conveniently located Rady’s Children’s Urgent Care or, if necessary, Rady Children’s Emergency Room.

If your child has recently suffered from a minor injury, contact our office to get the prompt care you need.

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