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Newborn Medical Care

Choosing a doctor for your newborn is a big decision. We know new parents have a lot on their minds and may have many questions about newborn medical care. To better familiarize you with the procedures of newborn medical care available at our office, here is a list of services we offer at San Diego […]

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Newborn Clinic

Newborn Clinic and Newborn Follow-Up Clinic
San Diego Pediatrics offers newborn clinics and newborn follow-up clinics to provide families with insight and understanding about their child’s health. These well visits are a good time for parents and physicians to discuss specific health concerns, go over immunization schedules, test developmental milestones, and review healthy family habits at […]

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Your baby is now one year old. He’s not a baby anymore, he has become your toddler. Your job has to change to keep up with his development. Your task now is to help this little one understand that there are rules to this game of life. Yes, your toddler can walk, but he cannot […]

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Introducing New Foods

Solid Foods
At four to six months of age, begin introducing solid foods, remembering that the best balanced nutrition is still breast milk and/or formula. At this time, the goal is to introduce your little one to new tastes and textures and begin to learn how to eat.

Start with rice cereal. We begin with the cereals […]

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